Before you spend $30k + on hair restoration, you’ve got to see what we have. For a fraction of the cost, we can sprout new hair in completely bald areas. 

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Hair restoration clinics provide treatments for those suffering from baldness or hair loss. The treatments are designed to induce new hair growth. Traditional treatments include Hair Plugs, Neograft and Artas Hair Transplant, to name a few.


1. Hair Plugs

Older man with Nashville hair plugs

Hair plugs are no longer as popular as when they first appeared on the market. Other hair replacement treatments are more effective and more in vogue now. In fact, most transplant surgeons consider hair plugs an outdated treatment for hair replacement.  The procedure required a surgeon to use a large punching tool to remove rows of tissue in small round patches, from the back of the head or areas of the head unaffected by hair loss. Holes of a similar size would then be created in the transplant area (bald areas) where the grafts would be introduced. 

2. Neograft

NeoGraft hair transplant differs from hair transplants of decades ago. It’s safer, and gives permanent and more natural results than hair plugs. The procedure is quite costly, not  recommended for everyone and is not suitable for people with hair loss from a health condition and generally speaking hair transplants are suitable for those with permanent baldness as opposed to male pattern baldness.

3. Artas Hair Transplant

Artas Hair Transplant, hair restoration near me

Artas Hair Transplant is a system which uses physician-assisted robot technology to perform follicular unit extraction (FUE).  This technique involves the harvesting of individual donor hairs which are then meticulously placed in the affected areas to stimulate new growth. 

This hair transplant treatment is solely suitable for treating hair loss in men with black or brown straight hair diagnosed with male-pattern baldness. About six to ten months are required before seeing any results. Artas hair transplants are more costly than Neograft.

How To Choose The Right Hair Restoration Treatment

There are many contemporary treatments to choose from when it comes to hair restoration. It is no longer necessary to undergo expensive and complicated surgical procedures in order to restore hair growth. If you are in Nashville and you’re considering hair restoration, call us and we’ll discuss which treatment is the right one for you.

How Much Does The Average Hair Restoration Cost?

Hair restoration varies depending on what you get and how much you get. The price ranges from around $5,000-$20,000. Our hair restoration procedure can rival the best transplant in the world at a fraction of the price and the time it takes to see results. 

Does a Hair Restoration Procedure Really Work?

Yes. You will absolutely see new hair growth, thicker and fuller hair. However, some people have better results than others. 

Who is Not a Good Candidate?

If you’re entirely bald, you are not a good candidate for hair transplants. 

What is the Best Kind of Hair Restoration or Hair Transplant?

The best on the market is considered to be FUE, where your hair is surgically transplanted from one part of your head to the other. However, our new hair restoration procedure can rival this even at a fraction of the price. 

Does Hair Restoration Last?

Hair transplantation is considered to be permanent, however, the transplant has to take root and sometimes can fall out. Once the follicle roots it lasts. 

How Much Will 3500 Hair Grafts Cost? 

Four dollars a Graft is pretty common pricing, so 3500 would cost around $14,000.

Remember, our procedure is different and will cost less than half of that. 

How Much Are 2000 Grafts?

Some surgeons charge more if you get less grafts, so 2000 grafts may cost around $10,000. 

Is It Possible To Go Bald After A Hair Transplant?

You can still lose your non-transplanted hair and it is possible to thin and need new areas transplanted in the future. 

Grafts take 5-9 month to fully take root and sprout and turn into your natural hair cycle.

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What If You Don’t Have Good Donor Scalp Hair, Can You Take Hair From Other Parts of the Body?

Hair can be transplanted from anywhere, but if you’re not using scalp hair (which is the best to use), chest or shoulder hair is considered useable, though will most likely be odd looking. 

How Much Pain Will You Experience With Hair Restoration

With our procedure there is very little if any pain at all. 

With a traditional, surgical, hair transplant, there is local anesthetic so you don’t feel anything. However, you can be a little sore or itchy afterwards. 

Where is the Cheapest Place to Get a Hair Transplant in Nashville?

We have no idea who offers the cheapest hair restoration, however a better question would be who offers the best bang for my buck, or value? 

We offer the best hair transplant for the money hands down. We get you sprouting back new hair with our unique protocols, and some of our results can rival the best hair transplant technology on the market for 10x the price. 

How Do I  Choose A Hair Restoration Clinic?

There are certain factors that should be taken into consideration when picking a hair restoration clinic. It is good practice to research the clinic beforehand.

  • Technology being used by the clinic
  • Doctor’s Credentials and reputation
  • Doctor’s Experience
  • Clinic’s staff professionalism

What Is The Difference Between Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant involves taking hair from one part of the scalp and transplanting it to the thinning or balding area. Hair plugs, now outdated, was the original method of removing large sections of hair at once and transplanting. 

New Transplant procedures, referred to as hair restoration, involve the harvesting of single hair follicles which gives far more natural results. This particular method is known as Follicular Unit Extraction 

What Are The Different Hair Transplant Procedures Available?

  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Strip Method also known as Follicular Unit Transplant
  • NeoGraft (a minimally invasive FUE technique)

What Non Surgical Hair Restoration Procedures Are Available?

  • Our Unique Procedure!!
  • PRP Injection Therapy
  • PRF Microneedling 
  • Stem Cell Hair Restoration
  • Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia)
  • Cosmetic Cover-Ups
  • Laser cap

Which Is The Best Non Surgical Hair Restoration Procedure?

The most effective non-surgical  procedure for hair restoration is PRP Injection Therapy. Platelet-Rich Plasma, also known as PRP Hair Restoration. PRP is made from the platelets in a patient’s own blood that are reinjected into the scalp, to stimulate hair follicles and promote new hair growth.