LipLase™ Lip Augmentation Near Me | Nashville, TN

Not your typical lip enhancement, filler procedure.

LipLase™ gets you fuller. sexier lips without filler. If you’re looking for lip filler, we’ve got it, but this is a laser procedure that lasts longer and looks more natural. LipLase, lip augmentation in Nashville at Midtown

"I finally have lips! You guys are the best."

– A Recent Patient –

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LipLase™ gets you fuller sexier lips without fillers and injections. LipLase is a laser procedure with longer lasting and more natural looking results than fillers. LipLase, lip augmentation in Nashville at Midtown

What Is LipLase Lip Augmentation?

LipLase is a natural alternative for those who want fuller lips without resorting to injections. It is a non-invasive treatment which achieves fuller, smoother lips using laser technology as opposed to filler injections. The treatment is designed to stimulate  your body’s own collagen. LipLase stimulates and promotes the natural collagen in your lips is stimulated by the laser. Over the course of four to six months, following treatment, the lips will become visibly fuller and smoother.

Benefits of LipLase Lip Augmentation?

A totally natural approach to lip augmentation with lasting results. Fillers used for lip augmentation need to be repeated every four to six months as results from the treatment start to fade and these can get fairly costly. LipLase gives longer lasting, natural results without injections.

Who Is A Good Candidate for LipLase Lip Augmentation?

Anyone who prefers a more natural approach to rejuvenation is a good candidate for LipLase. If you do not want to undergo injections LipLase gives more subtle natural results as it stimulates your natural collagen production. If you believe beauty starts from within, LipLase is the right choice to make your lips fuller and smoother. If you’re in Nashville check in with us and find out more about LipLase Lip Augmentation.