Make Your Workout Work Again [The Importance of Hormone Balancing]

Let’s talk about hormone balancing. Deborah Parker hears the following from a middle-aged woman almost every day: 

“Deb, I’m working out twice as hard as I used to, and I swear I’m eating half of what I normally eat. Yet nothing is happening (as she holds out her hands to gesture she’s becoming pear-shaped)!”

The scenario described above is typically seen with middle-aged women and men.  They train just as they have been, or train even harder, and the results begin to fade and become increasingly more difficult to obtain. Finally, as they see themselves “going backward,” they become frustrated and eventually quit training altogether.

What’s happening? These middle-aged folks simply are losing their hormonal balance, particularly testosterone, the hormone necessary to maintain and build muscle mass.  And it’s the muscle mass that burns fat 24 hours a day!

Benefits of Hormone Balancing in Nashville

Deborah Parker can virtually guarantee clients that if they were seeing her for hormone balancing, not only would they not lose ground, but they would also see results above and beyond where they were even a few years back. Hormone balancing is the backbone of our practice. These hormones are exact copies of what the body made in abundance when you were younger. Think about putting air back into your tires. We simply add back the hormones that were there when you were younger, healthier and more fit.

Exercise always has and always will be an important factor, but it’s not the only factor. Studies show you achieve the best results through a combination of taking testosterone and working out.

All ages of both men and women will see an improvement in their workouts and their results if hormonally balanced. See fat disappear as the increased muscle mass burns it over the next 18-24 hours after a workout. Imagine that: burning calories while you sleep!

Are you ready for your free patient consultation to see if hormone balancing in Nashville is right for you? What do you have to lose, other than extra fat and maybe all that fatigue that’s been plaguing you! Call today, (615) 622-4544! Put that air back in your tires, and perform like you did when you were younger and healthier!

Where Can I Get Hormone Balancing or HRT?

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