Memphis, TN Penis Enlargement Near Me: Does it Work? How Much is Penile Enhancement?

Does Penile Enhancement Work? Where To Get It Near Memphis?

Want to increase your girth? If you’re looking for the best male enhancement procedure in Memphis, you may want to consider coming to Nashville. At Belcourt Aesthetics, we are the only ones in a 109-mile radius doing this amazing, new procedure… 

Memphis, TN Penile Enhancement Testimonials

First of all, what exactly is a Memphis Penile Enlargement procedure?

This is an image of a guy with his thumb up. He is asking the questions, do penis enlargement procedures work in Memphis, TN?There are many different ways to increase the size and girth of the penis, but do they work? There are no shortage of advertisements on all of the pumps, pills, exercises, weights, as well as penis enlargement surgery. But the big question is, what works? What is the best “bang” for the buck? What is right for me? What are the risks involved, and should I go ahead and get it done?

What kind of Penis Enlargement Actually Works?

There are a few things that work and many things that don’t. For example Penile Enhancement supplements can work to some extent by increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood. Nitric Oxide improves circulation and thus can increase blood flow to the Penis.

There are exercises, such as “Jelqing”, that people say can work, but this seems incredibly dangerous and time consuming.

7 Types of Memphis Penis Enlargement Surgery

There are also surgical implants that “work” to increase the penis size and girth, however it is surgery and that comes with its own risk, downsides and expense. 

How Much Is A Penis Enlargement Procedure in Memphis, TN? 

The most common question we get asked is “how much is a penile enhancement procedure?” The answer is: anywhere from $1,000-$20,000+ depending on what kind of procedure you get.

We are obviously partial to what we provide (because that’s what we’ve chosen to provide!) but we believe our Girth Enhancement Procedure is the best of all worlds. It’s not expensive. It’s not risky like surgery. AND it works! In fact, it is in our top two most popular procedures. 

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Penis Enlargement Surgery: Is it Worth It? How Much Do They Cost?

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  • Side effects, risks
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  • It costs how much?

Penuma is currently the only FDA-approved penis enlargement operation. FDA cleared the device for cosmetic enhancement.

There is an initial $1,000 deposit and an out-of pocket cost for the procedure.

Penuma, which is currently not covered under insurance, has not been cleared for erectile dysfunction treatment.

James Elist MD FACS FICS FICS from Beverly Hills (California) is the founder of this procedure. He is one of two practitioners who are currently certified.

Learn more about Penuma, including the risks involved and whether the procedure has ever been proven effective in expanding a penis.

This procedure is how it works.

A crescent-shaped, medical-grade silicone penuma can be inserted beneath your penis skin. It will make your penis wider and longer. There are three sizes available: extra-large (large), large and extra extra-large (extra-extra-large).

There are two main types of tissue in your penis that shape it.

Corpus cavernosa means two circular pieces of tissue that are parallel and run along the top edge of your penis.

Corpus Spongisum: A cylindrical, cylindrically shaped piece of tissue running along your penis.

Penuma devices are custom made to match your particular penis. You insert it into the shaft of your penis, just like a sheath.

It is performed by making a small incision just below the base of your penis. To make your penis appear and feel bigger, the device can stretch and compress tissues and penis skin.

According to Dr. Elist, Penuma procedures have been shown to increase length and girth in people. This is measured around their penis.

An average penis for a male is 3.0 inches in length. Source: Trusted source

Flaccid: 3.75 inches, while erect: 5.25 inches (4.6 inches).

Penuma is able to increase average penis length by up to 6.1 inches when it’s flaccid or 7.7 inches when it’s erect.

Some things to think about

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures about Penuma surgery.

Before you can have the procedure, it is necessary to be circumcised if you don’t currently do so.

It is possible to return home on the same day of the procedure.

To and from the procedure, you will need to organize a taxi.

This procedure usually takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

The surgeon may use general anesthesia in order to put you into a coma during surgery.

The follow-up appointment will be scheduled for two or three days later.

For a few weeks, the swelling in your penis can persist.

You will be required to stop masturbation or sexual activity for approximately six weeks.

Do you have any side effects?

There are risks associated with anesthesia, as with all surgeries.

Side effects common to anesthesia are:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • exhaustion
  • hoarse voice
  • Confusion

You may be at greater risk from:

  • pneumonia
  • heart attack
  • stroke

Penuma reports that some men may feel pain when they erection. These symptoms are typically temporary.

If you experience side effects that last longer than seven days, consult your doctor. Sometimes, these side effects may be alleviated by reinstating the Penuma.

An evaluation of this surgery on men found that there were possible complications such as:

Implant perforation and infected

  1. stitches coming apart (suture detachment)
  2. Implant breaking apart
  3. blood clotsTrusted Source
  4. in penile tissue

You may notice a change in the shape and size of your penis after having surgery.

Be realistic about your expectations of your penis appearance before having the procedure.

Does this process always work?

This procedure has a high success rate, according to Penuma. Many side effects, or complications, are attributed to patients not following aftercare instructions.

Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that evaluated 400 Penuma patients. The Penuma procedure was rated as “very good” by 81 percent.

A very small percentage of patients experienced complications, including scarring and infection, seroma, or other forms. Third percent had to be removed from the device due to complications after the procedure.

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Penuma is a costly procedure, but some might find it valuable.

Penuma’s implant makers report high customer satisfaction and an increase in self-confidence. It can cause unwanted and sometimes permanent side effects for some.

Your doctor can help you determine the size and length of your penis. You may have nonsurgical options to achieve the desired results.