Nashville: Alopecia Areata Barbae Treatment Near Me

How to Get Rid of Bald Spots in Your Beard

Bald spots in your beard, called Alopecia Barbae, are extremely annoying and make it darn-near impossible to do anything with your facial hair except grow a long beard over the spots, or Bic your face bald. If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, you may want to try this effective treatment in Nashville… 

Alopecia Barbae Nashville Treatment Testimonials

"I had a bald spot, the size of a 50-cent piece, in my beard for nearly 4 years. I figured that it would just go away in time, but it didn't. I grew a long beard over my bald spot because it looked ridiculous and I don't like shaving every day. Long story short, thanks to Deb, I completely got rid of it! I was skeptical, but her treatment works!!
John D

What is Alopecia Barbae?

Alopecia Barbae Treatment Nashville TNAlopecia means baldness, and barbae is derived from Latin and Portuguese meaning, “beard.” Alopecia Areata means bald spot. So, if you have a bald spot in your beard you have Alopecia Areata, but more specifically Alopecia Barbae. 

What causes Alopecia Barbae?

Think back when you first developed Alopecia Barbae, were you under extreme stress? Psychological stress is often a catalyst for this disorder, which is also caused by an autoimmune condition that triggers your immune system to attack your hair follicles. 

Does Garlic Paste Treat Alopecia Barbae?

Using garlic gel or garlic paste to treat alopecia barbae has been shown to help recovery from bald spots in some studies. However, from patients we’ve treated, it’s hard to tell how much good it does. It’s garlic though, so why not give it a try? It can’t hurt. 

What treatments really work?

What we’ve found that really works well is treating any underlying immune disorder while at the same time encouraging new hair growth. Our protocol combines the use of peptides and micro-needling medical-grade, hair restoration solution on the bald spot. 

Is our Nashville Alopecia Barbae Treatment Painful?

This treatment is not painful. It does involve self-injections of peptides, but is fairly simple. 

How do I get this Treatment?

First, just sign up for a consultation, and you can come in and talk with us in person. 
If you are not in Nashville, you can do a Skype consultation, and we’ll send you your treatment packet in the mail.