Now Administering Oxytocin – “The Love Drug”

Oxytocin, also known as “the love drug,” is a hormone produced by both women and men, and frankly, it’s amazing!  

When both men and women orgasm, oxytocin is released, creating that “feeling” we all love so well.  And if taken before sex, both men and women report a more intense experience. Oxytocin literally is the gift that keeps on giving as it stimulates more production of oxytocin. Yes, you read that right, it will make more of itself, so sex becomes even more satisfying.

When women breastfeed, oxytocin is released, strengthening that bond between the nursing “mother” and baby.  This is why “wet-nurses” cared so much for the child that they provided milk, the hormone creates a natural bond.

Oxytocin will also act on the uterus.  After birth, when the baby begins to suckle, oxytocin is released. And while establishing that bond described above, it also stimulates the uterus to contract.  So during sex, this uterine involvement leads to more intense orgasms.  

And things keep getting better and better, as recent research has shown that oxytocin can help us lose weight!  How? It helps us substitute that “orgasmic bliss” for “food.” When oxytocin is administered, compared to placebo, subjects were found to eat about 122 fewer calories per meal!  Oxytocin also improves our insulin sensitivity, something everyone needs as they age as our cells lose much of this response and oxytocin helps restore it. This leads to better carbohydrate metabolism, rather than to store those calories as fat!

Many have found that doing oxytocin at the start of each day puts them in a better mood, makes them more compatible, and improves their daily routines.

How is it administered?  Either as a nasal spray or a sexy lollipop!

So what could be better than:

  • Enhanced orgasms
  • Improved moods
  • Stronger relationships
  • Better appearances

Come see us today, and let us tell you even more about this natural, human, hormone!  

Where Can I Get Oxytocin Therapy?

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