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Laser Technology has paved a new path for skin rejuvenation treatments. Pigmented lesions are a thing of the past. We are up to speed with the best technology and treatment for pigmented lesions, right here in Nashville. 

What Is A Pigmented Lesion Treatment?

Medical lasers have become increasingly adaptable to various fields of medicine and have paved a new path for esthetic and rejuvenation treatments. Laser technology is used in many applications and has been found to be the ideal tool in the removal of pigmented lesions.

Epidermal pigmentation is characterised by the melanin content in the epidermis. Skin spots and growths are the result of melanocyte cells producing melanin, which give color to the skin. Common pigmented lesions include age spots and sun spots.

We use next level of technology and is unbeatable in the aesthetic arena. Very versatile, with 14 modes,its use is customizable to your specific requirements.  it is able to produce very short pulses of intense light that are selectively absorbed by specific pigments in a lesion. 

What Are The Benefits of A Pigmented Lesion Treatment?

Lasers for treating a wide range of pigmented lesions, from moles and vascular lesions to ephelides, sunspots and melasma. Superficial and deeper lesions can be targeted with this laser. laser treatments are very effective for the removal of pigmented lesion areas. With proven results, showing improvement of up to 93% after just one treatment, the benefits are guaranteed. 

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Pigmented Lesion Treatment?

Anyone with a tendency to develop hypo or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is not a suitable candidate for this treatment. Generally, darker skin types have a higher tendency of developing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Check with your doctor or drop by for a consultation in Nashville, to find out if you are a good candidate for a Pigmented Lesion Treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects From Pigmented Lesion Treatments?

Following a laser Treatment for pigmented lesions, you can expect some scabbing. Blistering is very rare. Skin heals entirely within 10 days. Some darker skinned people may experience temporary hyperpigmentation.  

Are The Treatments To Remove Pigmented Lesions Painful?

It will vary according to each individual. Some may experience mild to moderate discomfort. Many patients describe the sensation as that of  an elastic band snapping against their skin.

Will The Pigmented Lesions Be Totally Removed After First Treatment?

Several Laser treatments may be necessary to completely remove pigmented lesions, however the results are permanent. Most patients experience astonishing improvement with 1 to 4 treatments depending upon their skin condition.

What Type Of Pigment Lesions Can Be Treated With Laser?

  • Hyper-pigmentation from sun exposure
  • melasma or chloasma (Hyper-pigmentation from hormones)
  • Hyper-pigmentation from injury 
  • Abrasions or cuts
  • Over-exposure to heat
  • Hair waxing
  • Insect bites or itchy rashes
  • Acne
  • Improperly performed chemical peels
  • Lentigines 
  • Keratoses 
  • Freckles 
  • Nevus of ota – blue hyperpigmentation

What type of post-treatment care is necessary?

  • An antibacterial ointment will be applied to the area following your treatment
  • You may take a shower the next day
  • Avoid scrubbing the treated area
  • It is imperative that you always wear sunscreen