Side Effects & Risks of a Thread Lift

You will be asked to sign a waver to make certain that you fully understand the treatment as well as any kind of dangers and possible issues.

What are the risks of a PDO thread lift?

The choice to have plastic surgery is very personal and you will have to evaluate the prospective benefits in achieving your goals with the threats as well as possible issues of a threading. Only you can make that choice on your own.

Potential PDO thread lift risks consist of:

  • Trouble opening your mouth (generally temporary).
  • A Thread protruding through the skin.
  • Infection.
  • Discomfort, which can persist.
  • Level of sensitivity to sunlight or various other brilliant light.
  • Swelling as well as bruising.
  • Unfavorable result.

These potential side effects and others will be totally reviewed before your consent form is signed. It is very important that you attend to all your concerns with your thread lift specialist.