St. Louis Penis Enlargement Near Me: Does it Work? How Much is Penile Enhancement?

Does Penile Enhancement Work? Where To Get It Near St. Louis?

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St. Louis MO Penile Enlargement Reviews

What is the “Girth Enhancer” St. Louis Penis Enlargement?

Penises are unique in the same way as thumbprints, but penis size is a concern for many men across cultures. For the most part, length has been the standard measure of penises. But girth is also an option in this arena. Surprisingly, shorter girthy penises prefer to be too long and thin.

The “Girth Enhancer” treatment is a series penile injections that guarantee a safe, long-lasting treatment with outstanding cosmetic results. Bioelasticity is a type of filler that leaves the penis feeling natural in both distended and flaccid states.

What are the Benefits of Penis Enlargement with “Girth Enhancer” in St. Louis?

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost

You will notice an immediate increase in your penis size without the need for expensive surgery. The minimally invasive procedure takes only one hour and can last for up to one year. It’s affordable, and you can resume sexual activity in 7-10 days.

Who is a good candidate for “Girth Enhancer” Penis Enlargement?

Penile Enhancement is for anyone who wants to enhance their penis without having surgery. . Penile enlargement can help you achieve the girth you have always wanted without having to go through a complicated and expensive surgery. Visit St. Louis if you are interested in a consultation.

What is the life expectancy of the results of the “Girth Enhancer”?

The results of a treatment may last as long as 18 months, depending on the patient.

Is “Girth Enhancer” Safe?

“Girth Enhancer”, a filler, is far safer than other methods such as penile implants and oral medication. Because hyaluronic acid comes from our bodies, reactions to it are very rare.

What happens during a Penis Enlargement treatment?

The penis is anesthetized with a topical numbing drug. The penis shaft is then injected with the filler. It takes about 30 minutes. There may be some swelling, bruising, and other irregularities around the groin. It is temporary.

How effective is the Girth Enhancement Penis Enlargement?

These treatments can increase the penis’s girth. These treatments may also increase length. However, the results will vary from patient to patient. They have immediate effects.

What are the results of “Girth Enhancer”:

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Increase in width
  • Self confidence increases
  • Enhance masculinity

What are the Recommended Treatments?

Your body will absorb the hyaluronic acids, which is used as fillers, and your results from the “Girth Enhancer” treatment, will begin to decrease. You can then follow up with another treatment.

How Much is Penis Enlargement Surgery in St. Louis

A penis enhancement procedure costs between $1,000 and $25,000. Although this may seem like a large range, it is indicative of the wide variety between treatments. Non-surgical facial filler injections will cost you significantly less than medical enhancement.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: What is the Cost? Is it worth the risk?

  • Does it work?
  • Side effects and potential risks?
  • Rate of success?
  • Takeaway
  • What is the cost of this?

Penuma, the penis-enlargement procedure that has been approved for commercial use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 510(k). Cosmetic enhancement is permitted by FDA approval.

With a $1,000 upfront deposit, the procedure will cost approximately $15,000 out of pocket.

Penuma is not currently covered by insurance and has not been approved to treat erectile disorder.

The procedure was founded by James Elist MD, FACS and FICS of Beverly Hills. He is currently the only certified practitioner.

Continue reading to find out more about the Penuma procedure, its risks and whether or not it has been successful in enlarging a penis.

What is the procedure?

To make your penis more long and wider, the Penuma is an oval-shaped medical-grade silicone piece that’s inserted underneath your skin. The Penuma is available in three sizes, large, extra-large and extra-extralarge.

Two types of tissues make up the majority of your tissue that gives shape to your penis.

Corpus cavernosa is two pieces of cylindrical tissue running parallel along your penis’ top.

Corpus spongiosum is a cylindrical tissue piece that runs from the bottom to your penis. It surrounds your bladder, which contains your urine.

The Penuma device is custom-made to suit your penis size. The Penuma device is inserted in your shaft, over the corpus cavernosa. It acts like a sheath.

The procedure involves making an incision at the groin, just above your penis base. This device allows you to stretch the tissues and skin of your penis, making it appear larger.

Dr. Elist says that Penuma patients report an increase in their length (measurement around the penis), of 1.5 to 2.5 inches. However, they are flaccid or erect.

Average male penis length is about 3.0 inchesTrusted Source

Flaccid: 3.7 in., erect: 5.2 in.

Penuma can increase the length of an average penis by allowing it to grow up to 6.9 inches when flaccid and 7.7 inches when extended.

Consider these things

These are the key facts regarding Penuma Surgery:

You will need to circumcise yourself if you haven’t done so already.

The procedure can be completed the same day you go to work.

It is necessary to arrange transportation to and from the operation.

It usually takes between 45 and an hour for the entire procedure to be completed.

General anesthesia will be used by your surgeon to make sure you are asleep throughout the entire procedure.

Two to three days after your initial visit, you’ll be back for another follow-up.

After surgery, your penis may swell for several weeks.

For approximately six weeks, you will need to refrain from sexual activity and masturbation.

Is there any risk or side effect?

Anesthesia is a surgical procedure that can be dangerous.

Anesthesia can cause side effects such as:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • exhaustion
  • hoarse voice
  • There is confusion

Your risk of getting anesthesia may also be increased by:

  • pneumonia
  • heart attack
  • Stroke

According to the Penuma website, you might experience some pain during erection and loss of penis sensation in the initial few weeks. They are often temporary.

These side effects may last more than 7 days. Consult your physician immediately. These side effects can be relieved by removing the Penuma and reinserting it.

A study of the men who had this kind of surgery revealed that possible complications included:

  • Perforation or infection of the implant
  • stitches coming apart (suture detachment)
  • Implant breaking apart
  • blood clotsTrusted Source
  • in penile tissue

Your penis might also look different after the surgery.

Before you undergo the surgery, discuss your realistic expectations regarding your penis appearance.

Are these procedures always successful?

The success rate for this procedure, according to Penuma’s website is very high. People not following the instructions for surgical aftercare are responsible for most side effects and complications.

A surgical evaluation of 400 Penuma-treated men was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. According to the study, 81 percent of respondents rated their satisfaction level with Penuma results as either “very high” or “low.”

A few subjects suffered complications such as seroma and scarring. 3 percent of patients had to have their devices taken out due to complications following surgery.

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Bottom line

Although the Penuma procedure can be costly, some people may find it worth it.

Penuma reports a high level of satisfaction from customers with their implants, as well as increased self-confidence. Some people may experience unwanted side effects that can sometimes be permanent.

Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your penis length or girth. Your doctor may recommend nonsurgical solutions that will help you get the result you want.