Testosterone Replacement Therapy Near Me Nashville, TN

TRT Can Help Transform You from Dough Boy to UFC Shape!

If you are one of many men with  low-T,  TRT can be a life changer. Imagine what you could do if you had the vigor and stamina of your youth.

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What Is Nashville Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy, TRT, is used to treat hypogonadism in men with low levels of testosterone in the blood. Some typical symptoms of testosterone deficiency are the lack of body hair or excessive breast growth. This condition occurs when a man’s testes are not functioning properly and fail to produce enough testosterone. This could be due to the hypothalamus or pituitary gland dysfunction. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands produce hormones responsible for  stimulating testosterone production in the testes. 

Testosterone replacement therapy involves injecting testosterone to increase the concentration in the patient’s body to normal levels. The treatments need to be repeated. The quantity and frequency of the treatments will vary, depending on the individual. 

What Are The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Nashville?

Testosterone replacement therapy can restore a man’s sex drive, addressing and reversing the all the symptons of hypogonadism.  You can expect increased libido and an overall  improved sense of wellbeing. You will also experience reduced body fat, with an increase in lean body mass and bone density. You will begin to feel the results within the first week of treatment, and other benefits within two months.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Men who have received a definitive diagnosis of hypogonadism are good candidates for TRT. If you have both low blood concentrations of testosterone and clinical symptoms of deficiency you may be a good candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  Want to know more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy near Nashville, TN? Call us for a consultation.

Want To Know More On The Science of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Nashville?

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What Levels Of Testosterone Are Considered Normal?

Testosterone levels between 350 ng/dL and 1000 ng/dL are referred to as “normal.” 

What Are The Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

A broad range of symptoms can indicate low testosterone levels: 

  • Low libido and erectile dysfunction
  • Feeling perpetually fatigued, sleeping during the day
  • Hair loss 
  • Weight gain 
  • Depression, irritability, or anxiety. 

What Are The Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

It varies according to the individual, however, some patients may experience one or more of the following side effects from testosterone replacement therapy:

  • An increase in red blood cells is a rare side effect, and  potentially dangerous one since it can lead to blood clots, a heart attack, or stroke
  • For those with an enlarged prostate, testosterone may worsen the symptoms, particularly for men over 50 years of age 
  • Those with a history of prostate cancer will need clearance from their urologist prior to testosterone therapy 
  • Acne, oily skin, increased body hair, and flushing have been reported in some patients. These side effects are uncommon, and when and if they occur,  these are temporary
  • Testosterone therapy reduces the production of a man’s sperm 
  • For those that suffer from sleep apnea, the condition may be worsened by the use of testosterone therapy

How Soon Will I See Results From Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy on the quality of your life will manifest within three to four weeks, with maximum benefits taking a little longer. The effects following therapy take on average three weeks and reach full effects at six weeks from the treatment. Changes in erections and/or ejaculations may take up to six months. 

How Much is Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Nashville?

Depending on what you need, the cost is between $100-$1000 a month.