The 3 “R’s” of Aesthetics: It’s Way More Than Botox!

Deborah Parker explains the basics of facial aesthetics. She specifically shows how neuromodulators (such as Botox or Dysport) address only one of the three areas that need to be treated to have a natural, more rested, youthful appearance.

Today, men and women realize that as they age, they don’t have to accept looking tired and, well, old! As we go through life, our faces lose volume. We develop thin and spotted skin, and years of frowning and squinting create deep lines and wrinkles.

To restore that more youthful appearance, we need to address the three “R’s”: Relax, Refill and Resurface.


This refers to releasing the tension caused by muscular contractions leading to lines and wrinkles. These wrinkles include the 11 lines in the forehead, the forehead horizontal rows of wrinkles, or crow’s feet around the eyes. This is where neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin play a role. Yet these injections only target lines caused by muscle movement.

There is no age too young to start treatments. If you start in your twenties, you can potentially stop these wrinkles and lines from ever occurring!


The second step refers to replacing the volume we lose as we age. Our face loses bone, muscle, and fat, causing the skin to fall and droop. When a woman puts a towel on her head after a shower and sees such an improvement, she simulates the “lift” this volume once caused. Nashville Botox will not do this. Ever. What is needed is to replace this lost “filler.”

Most of us have lost the equivalent of 10-15 ccs or mls of filler by the age of 50 or 60.  Now that sounds like a lot of filler, but it’s only just a tablespoon! But what a difference that makes!

Dermal filler will restore this volume. Dermal filler is safe; it can be dissolved if needed, and it will last 1-2 years (or even longer depending on placement). We are pleased to share that our practice is one of the largest dermal filler providers in the country. We have the experience unmatched by most, and we are proud that we are known for never overdoing it! Our patients constantly tell us how their best friends ask them if they’ve changed their lipstick or something, realizing that they look more rested and youthful and natural (because the filler is not overdone).

Those lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth called nasolabial folds are due to loss of filler in the upper face and cheekbones. The upper face is where the first syringes should be placed. Try it: pull up at the cheekbones and watch those lines soften or disappear! Nashville Botox will not help this.


Lastly, we have resurfacing. This step is so neglected! If you skip this part of the process, it’s like taking an old sofa and adding more stuffing, maybe ironing out some wrinkles, but not replacing or reconditioning the upholstery!  

Resurfacing involves everything from the use of proper skin products to lasers to micro-needling.   

With skincare products, if you buy yours at a fancy boutique, it’s probably some useless cream in a fancy container. Think about your teeth. Only the dentist truly whitens them with what she does in the office and then sends you home with those tubes of whitener. You can’t get that at a boutique. It’s the same with skincare products. If you aren’t getting yours at a doctor’s office or by prescription, you’re probably throwing money away.

Lasers, well, there are many different ones out there. What is important is finding a well-trained provider who uses the specific type of laser needed. Professionals treat brown spots with a completely different laser than one designed for red spots or blood vessels. So, if someone tells you that their device does it all, it probably doesn’t do any particular treatment well.

Similarly, micro-needling is all over the place. Some devices are not restricted to physicians, and the result is what you’d expect: disappointing. As are different types of platelet-rich plasma treatments. Some are cheap and ineffective, while others are very concentrated and show results accordingly. The bottom line; find a provider using a sophisticated, physician-restricted device, who is using the very best PRP available. 

We proudly train other providers in the Microneedling Facial and Facelift. Our equipment is by Cutera, who makes our Secret-RF micro-needling device (likely the very best device on the market)!  Not only are we WNC’s most experienced providers in physician grade micro-needling, but we also teach others how to do this. 

Let us create an overall plan that involves all three of the R’s: Relax, Refill, and Resurface; to give you a balanced and overall more youthful, natural appearance. Doing just “botox” results in basically a plastic look on top of a gaunt and pock-marked face. A stool on one leg won’t work, and neither will just botox if you want the very best for your face!

Don’t wait any longer; it’s just going to get worse. You wear your face every day! Think about how many black shoes are in your closet that you may have worn only once or twice this past year. Your facial aesthetics should be the top priority when you plan your “beauty budget.” Unlike clothes, this is something people wear every day and night, 12 months a year!

Come see us and get the ultimate in high-end facial aesthetics.  

Contact us today, and experience the confident, restful, youthful appearance you deserve!

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