Thread Lift Consultation

What should I expect during my PDO Thread Lift Consult?

During your thread lift consult be prepared to discuss:

  • Your aesthetic goals
  • Clinical conditions,
  • medicine allergies,
  • previous clinical therapies
  • especially any issues you have actually had with your eyes
  • Present prescription medicines, consisting of vitamins, natural supplements, alcohol, tobacco and also substance abuse
  • Previous procedures or surgeries

Your thread lift specialist will:

  • Review your basic health and wellness status
  • Any type of pre-existing wellness problems
  • Review possible risks
  • Take photos
  • Go over your threading options
  • Suggest the best thread lift options to meet your goals
  • Go over likely results of threading and any potential dangers
  • Go over the type of numbing that you may require

The examination is the time to ask your thread lift specialist any questions you may have. To aid, we have prepared a checklist of inquiries to ask your specialist that you can take with you to your thread lift assessment.

It’s normal to feel a little uneasy, whether it’s exhilaration for your expected makeover or a little bit of pre-procedure butterflies. But don’t worry, this is a straightforward and simple procedure.