Y Lift™: Best Non-Surgical Facelift in Nashville, TN!

This opens up a new opportunity for people from all over Nashville who want a non-surgical facelift, and may not have time to recover from surgery. Using fillers from natural sources that the body recognizes, and are widely used in mainstream medicine, you can see results without surgery.

The Y Lift® accents the cheekbones, jaw, and neck to reduce the signs of aging. The results are apparent shortly after the procedure and long-lasting for many patients. It is a quick, comfortable way to make you feel your best.

What is the Y-Lift® Non-Surgical Facelift?

The Y Lift® is the ultimate non-surgical facelift in Nashville. It uses medical fillers to sculpt and tone your face back to its natural beauty. The name “Y Lift” comes from the natural “Y” shape of the face. By adding volume to specific places under the skin, this ideal form comes back.

There are other procedures in addition to the Y Lift®, that go by different names. They are all commonly called “liquid facelifts,” because they do not require the cuts and stitches of a traditional facelift.

The precise location to inject filler varies from person to person. Most patients look for accents around the cheekbones, reduction of lines between the nose and mouth, as well as narrowing around the jaw.

To understand a bit more about how the procedure might work for you, have a look at a picture of your younger self. Compared to your present appearance, you may see that your skin has dropped and thinned in areas where they used to be tight and full of volume. These are natural effects of aging, which the Y Lift® is designed to counteract.

The results take years off of your appearance, as the effects of age are less noticeable. At the end of the appointment, you should look like a renewed, younger version of yourself. Unlike with a traditional facelift, you can immediately return to your normal activities with minimal discomfort.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Depending on your comfort level, you can have the Y Lift® on the same day as a consultation. It is non-invasive and you do not need to take any preparations as you would for major surgery. You can think of getting the Y Lift® as a medically-supervised trip to the spa that lets you go back to your regular routine almost immediately.

Your doctor will examine your face and recommend areas to improve with filler contouring. He may mark each point with an “X” on the skin to guide his work. Before he starts the Y Lift®, a medical professional will administer a local anesthetic. This is designed to reduce your pain and discomfort.

Using a precise instrument, your doctor injects a small amount of filler into these pre-determined spots under the skin. The result is a lifting of the muscles and fat in that spot, which the doctor manipulates to gain the exact aesthetic you seek.

By going deep enough to have space to inject a significant amount of filler, your doctor can produce a stable shape and pleasing appearance. In that way, the Y Lift® is more effective than surface-level skin filling techniques.

Indeed, the use of a specialized titanium instrument to inject the fillers deep under facial tissue is what sets the Y Lift® apart. This leads to better results, in part because it empowers your doctor to create the exact look you desire.

After completing the injections, the doctor may also massage the area in order to bring full effect to the procedure. This should give you little to no pain or feelings of discomfort, but you are always encouraged to communicate with your medical team if you happen to feel ill at ease.

You will see results immediately and can continue with your daily activities after leaving the doctor’s office. The Y Lift® is complete within about 30 minutes.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

At our office, we use hyaluronic acid as the Y Lift® filler. It is the superior substance for this procedure for many reasons. It occurs naturally in the human body. Therefore, it is not a foreign substance your body does not recognize.

The medical community has discovered many uses for hyaluronic acid, such as for osteoarthritis, eye surgeries, treatment of mouth sores, and wound healing. It is a joint cushion and lubricant, which means it contributes to the body’s proper function in areas other than the face.

Many people also believe the substance is an effective anti-aging tool. It is often used to reduce wrinkles, as well as for cosmetic procedures such as the Y Lift®. Many commercially available skin products also contain hyaluronic acid, but the effects of the ® are only achieved through the medically-supervised injection process.

During your appointment, we welcome any questions you may have about hyaluronic acid and its use in modern medicine.

How is the Y Lift® Different from a Facelift?

traditional facelift is more invasive than the Y Lift®. During that procedure, flaps of skin on each side of the face are sliced and pulled back. The doctor cuts and manipulates the muscle tissue underneath the skin to create contour. The patient may also get a neck lift, which also requires cutting, moving and stitching the skin back together.

Although the results can last up to 10 years, the recovery time is much longer than with the Y Lift®. The traditional facelift also has a number of potential side effects, such as hematoma and hair loss. Usually, patients also have scarring from a facelift that they conceal with hair and the natural shape of the face.

The traditional facelift does give the face a more dramatic “lift” than the filler option. However, many patients prefer the less invasive and more natural process they experience with the Y Lift®.

What Are the Side Effects of the Y Lift®?

You may notice swelling and bruising immediately after and in the days following the Y Lift®. You can reduce the potential for swelling by avoiding anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen in the days leading up to the procedure.

Some patients may also feel some soreness and pain after receiving the injections. This is normal, but your doctor can advise you on some ways to enjoy your day-to-day life after visiting the office.

Overall, the risk of side effects with the technique are small, but you can discuss them at length with your doctor. At any time, you can contact the medical team if you have any concerns about your recovery.

What is the Recovery Time?

Unlike the traditional Nashville facelift, the Y Lift® has no lengthy recovery time. You are safe to go back to work, enjoy your social life and stay active right away. You need only be mindful of the potential for some minor swelling and bruising.

So, unlike a traditional facelift, it is not necessary for you to rest or “stay out of sight” while your body heals. You do not need to schedule a follow-up appointment with the doctor, although any later inquiries are welcome.

Are the Results Permanent?

The Y Lift® lasts about 1 to 2 years, however, many patients will receive a touch up in that time period. The filler is a substance that your body can metabolize and it will change over the next few months or years.

The results last far longer than other dermal filler procedures, with many patients not needing “touch ups” for years, some going as long as 3-4 years before needing to do more. The procedure is designed to enhance your natural beauty and there is no standard timeline of when you may want to come back for additional treatment.

Also, it is true that everyone continues to age. Even after receiving the Y Lift®, you facial muscles will remain vulnerable to the effects of time. This is a natural process that you can manage through regular consultation with your doctor.

Where Can I Get a Y-Lift Consultation?

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