Y-Lift Facelift in Nashville Near Me | Best Non-Surgical Facelift

The Ultimate Non-surgical Facelift!

The Y Lift is the ultimate non-surgical facelift for those who want to look years younger without surgery. Long lasting and at a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery, the Y-Lift can be combined with PDO Threads to do wonders for an aging face.

Nashville Y-Lift Before & Afters

What Is A Y Lift Procedure?

The Y Lift is a minimally invasive facelift which yields immediate and astonishing results . Also known as the “Miracle 30 Minute Facelift”, for it’s dramatic and immediate results. 

The Y Lift is used to accentuate and lift cheekbones, revive the undereye area, improve jawline definition and as an upper neck lift. The procedure involves introducing hyaluronic acid-based fillers deep into the structural areas of the face. 

The filler is inserted below the muscle, close to the bone. The results are more marked than what you get when you are simply filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Y Lifts restore facial volume from deep beneath your skin and add definition to the contours of the face.

What Are The Benefits Of A Y Lift?

The procedure requires no anesthesia and no downtime. You get striking results within minutes. A Y Lift restores lost volume and improves the contours of your face. This procedure can take years off your face without surgery. The costs are contained compared to any surgical procedure and the results of the Y lift last between one and three years.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Y Lift?

Anyone who is experiencing facial aging and wishes to regain a youthful appearance without surgery, is a good candidate for a Y Lift. If you’ve had your fill with sagging skin, wrinkles or loss of facial volume, a Y lift will do wonders for you. If you want to know more about a Y Lift in Nashville, schedule a consultation with us.

What is YLift Non-Surgical Facelift? 

You can read more about it here and here.

How Painful is the Y Lift?

If you’ve had dermal fillers or neuromodulators, then you know the level of discomfort that this procedure produces. It’s not very painful and people do it on a routine basis. 

How Much Does the Y-Lift Cost in Nashville?

The Y Lift will very in price depending on how much dermal filler is needed. The Y-Lift is also amazing in conjunction with the Thread Lift.

Prices will range anywhere from $2,500 to about $7,000, and the range depends on what is needed. 

How Much is a Face and Neck Lift?

When people are looking for a Y-Lift what they want is a face and neck lift to reverse the sagging of aging. There are lots of non-surgical and minimally invasive options for this: 

  • The Y-Lift Non-Surgical Facelift
  • The 4D Facelift, that tightens skin and reduces wrinkles, as well as encourages the production of collagen. 
  • The Thread Lift, also known as the:
    • Contour Lift
    • PDO Thread Lift
    • Silhouette InstaLift
    • Nova Threads
  • Laser Face Lift involving different modalities of lasers to lift and tighten the skin.

The cost of a neck and face lift ranges all over the place from a couple thousand dollars to several thousand dollars depending on a patients needs and the treatment they decide to get. 

Is the Y Lift Safe?

The Y Lift is safe, again, compare it to dermal fillers, Botox, and various other treatments that use injectables. 

What is the best non-surgical Facelift? 

The best non-surgical facelift on the market today is definitely a combination of a few things:

  • Lasers: to address skin texture and elasticity
  • PDO Thread Lift: To make you look dramatically younger by lifting sagging skin while encouraging collagen
  • Fillers & Neurotoxins to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

 How Many Years can a Facelift Take Off

People want to know how much younger they can really look by doing a non-surgical facelift or a surgical facelift. 

The answer is completely subjective, but the results are dramatic and some people say it can take off between 10 and 20 years.

All-in-all, it makes you look like a better, younger, healthier version of yourself.

How is the Y LIFT Performed? 

A specialized titanium instrument is inserted beneath the skin and maneuvered throughout designated areas of the face to lift and contour the muscles, fascia, and fat beneath the skin. Hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in the skin, is then used to hold the newly elevated position of skin in place. The rejuvenated areas of the face are then sculpted to accent and highlight each individual’s features.

Where Is Y Lift Facelift Effective?

  • When the jaw loses volume
  • When the face-neck junction becomes less defined and older looking
  • Sagging neck
  • Turkey neck
  • Jowls

The procedure is also performed for the cheekbone, maxilla, and hollow under the lower eyelid. 

How Long Does A Y Lift Treatment Take?

The Y Lift is also known as the “30-Minute Miracle Facelift.” The Y LIFT procedure is performed under local anesthetic, takes 15-30 minutes, and gives instant results. The results of a Y Lift last between 1-2 years.

What Results Can I Expect From A Y Lift?

The Y Lift Facelift corrects by restoring the bone volume with fillers. The shape and volume of the supporting structures are restored, resulting in a natural and youthful appearance.

Are There Any Side Effects From A Y Lift?

The procedure is perfectly safe, however, there are some mild effects and restrictions following treatment

  • Minor swelling or bruising may be possible
  • Refrain from exercising for one week
  • You may resume most daily activities same day as your procedure