We got some crazy, new developments happening, and you are one of the first to hear about it…

(this is not open to the public yet)…

Me and Tomi Beckmeyer are putting together the first-ever Body Contouring Lab…

We are taking the best fat-destroying & skin-tightening lasers on the planet and combining them with our secret sauce…

… that deliver incredible results! 

We are looking for a few people (we only have 7 spots remaining) who will let us use their before & after photos for promoting our lab when we do go public.

But we do have a few requirements: 

1. You have to have some room for improvement that will look good in a picture

2. You have to be fine with us using your photo (though we can blur out your face if you want)

3. You’ll need to show up in person tomorrow (Thursday, the 2nd) between 3:30p.m.-7:30p.m. at 2910 Poston Ave, Nashville 37203

What you’ll get:

1. Pre-launch, deep discounts on our Body Contouring Lab procedure.

2. The secret sauce(s) for FREE (over a $750 value)

We’re going to be hanging out and giving tours of the lab for the afternoon, so we’ll have wine and cheese and that kind of fun stuff too. 

 What you need to do now to reserve your spot:

Text “Body Lab” to:  615-724-9391 

Talk soon!